True Diamond Perfume

Distributing Perfect Match,
the first perfume
with real removable diamond

Perfumery, jewellers, concept store?

Our company True Diamond Perfume doo and our exclusive distributor for Europe FSM srl, based in Parma, are looking for resellers for our Perfect Match perfumes, both in the with diamond and without D versions.

For ex-EU markets, we are evaluating specific distribution agreements.

What makes Perfect Match special?

Perfect Match is not only a unique perfume: its price is lower than that of the actual diamond, if it was to be bought by itself in a jewellers. This is possible due to the fact that we buy the diamonds directly from the source, to then sell them together with perfume, to the final customer.

Per le profumerie

Are there other advantages for distributors and resellers?

  • The shops are promoted on the official True Diamond Perfume social media channels, the blog and the store locator in the website.
  • We train the people in the shops on the characteristics of the fragrances (for jewellers and other shops) and on aspects regarding gemmology (for perfume and other shops)
  • Bringing a product this unique to your area allows you to offer a unique experience to the customer.
    For further information:
    tel. +39 333 3310970
FSM S.r.l.

Via Battistini, 21/A 43122 Parma (PR)