True Diamond Perfume


Our company and our exclusive EU distributor FSM Srl, based in Parma, are looking for perfumeries interested in exposing and selling our products.

Our proposal for collaboration consists of:

1. Supply, at our expense, of a table display composed of:

  • Support base in black plexiglass, with the external dimensions 530x380x110mm
  • Promo display with a bottle holder and an advertising photo, backlit
  • A box of Perfect Match, with a Swarovski zircon
  • A box of Perfect Match without D
  • One perfume, 75ml
  • One tablet 7”, for the purchase directly from the site
  • 50 testers (2ml each)
  • Custom-made smelling strips
  • 100 business cards with a unique code of perfumery/reseller
  • Four stickers containing the information on the olfactive pyramid, the characteristics of the diamond (facsimile of the certificate), the laser-inscription, and the reproduction of the security seals
  • 2 catalogs and ten leaflets

Per le profumerie

How will the sale of the perfume in the shop work?

In the perfume shop, the client will be able to view and smell the perfume, as well as buy it directly from our website connected with the tablet. During the buying process of e-commerce, the client will have to insert the unique code assigned to your perfumery.
The product will be shipped shortly after to the address specified by the client. For every sale, the perfumery will receive a commission, as previously agreed. The payment of the commission will be monthly-based.
This initial test allows the perfumery to check if the product is well received. Afterward, it will be possible for the perfumery to choose to resell the perfume, increasing its profits in this way. The commissions for the online purchases will be connected to the perfumery every time a client inserts the perfumery’s unique code.

Why is Perfect Match so special?

Perfect Match is not just a unique perfume; its price is lower than the price of 0.25-carat diamond bought at a jewelry shop.
This is made possible because we buy the diamonds at the source, in order to sell them together with the perfume to the final client.

Are there any other advantages?

  • The perfumery will not have any initial cost
  • The perfume and the table display will attract the attention of passersby
  • The necessary space is very limited, at 530x380x110mm
  • You will not need stock, and you will not have to manage the unsold or returned products
  • The commissions will be payed monthly
  • The perfumery’s code is unique but transferable: If the client shows it to a friend who hasn’t visited your shop, the commission will be connected to your perfumery
  • The perfumery will be advertise on True Diamond Perfume’s social networking sites and at store locators on (more than 31,500 monthly visits).

For more information:
tel. +39 333 3310970

FSM S.r.l.

Via Battistini, 21/A 43122 Parma (PR)