True Diamond Perfume


PERFECT MATCH is a unique, refined fragrance with a noble character. Its formula, wrapped in a mantle of mystery, is rooted in the history of one of the most important noble families of the 19th century. The founder of the noble family commissioned a famous maitre parfumeur to create a perfume that lived up to the prestige of his dynasty.

The result was a complex fragrance, unparalleled, with the prevalence of fruity top notes to emphasize a majestic femininity. The heart notes bring out a refined sensuality, worthy of a noblewoman, never heavy, but impalpably seductive. Its base notes recall the spicy woods of the Orient, mitigated by the sweetness of vanilla, to symbolize the depth of soul and of a brilliant woman.

Brilliant, intense, unique … truly, you are. PERFECT MATCH is a unique bouquet of fragrances, ready to enhance the character of your beloved woman, of your soul mate. A perfume with a bright, intense, unique soul, full of the majesty and grace of a famous noblewoman. The perfect gift for her, for the only woman of your life. The perfect gift for you, a dynamic, determined and true woman. We have asked the Italian nose Luca Gritti to assemble an ancient and mysterious formula, since he is carrying on this family art since 1523.

The perfect fragrance for a dynamic, but at the same time feminine woman, who knows how to perfectly measure grace and determination. PERFECT MATCH is a perfume that cannot be given to anyone. It is the gift for her, for the only muse, for the soulmate. A refined, prestigious and precious bouquet like the diamond that seals its total exclusivity. Fresh and elegant, it expresses a decisive sensuality and an intense femininity. The oriental notes are sweet and spicy, to celebrate the thousand talents of a woman: sister, friend, lover, mother, muse…

Top Notes




Base Notes


Sandal Wood

Cashmere Wod




Heart Notes

Ylang – Ylang

Absolute Jasmine

Absolute Orange Blossom



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