True Diamond Perfume

The only perfume with
a truly removable 0.25 carat diamond

A real certified, high quality sparkling 0.25 carat diamond is what we have chosen for our Perfect Match perfume.

We have invented a luxury gift, perfect for the occasions in life in which nothing can be left to chance: engagements, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, graduations, christenings…

The Perfect Match diamond comes with the certificate of quality: it arrives in the hands of the fortunate recipient after going through a curated process that guarantees safety and quality. This, because only a certified gem is an investment that keeps its value through time.

The gem can always be added to a piece of jewellery of your choice.

That is why Perfect Match perfume with diamond is an… eternal gift.

Real Diamond
how to recognise it?

There are various ways to distinguish a real diamond from a fake but we have put our trust in science. Our gemmologists check the diamonds characteristics to guarantee authenticity and quality: our gems are certified.

The 4Cs' of the

Each diamond is analysed and identified by the 4Cs’ of diamonds that indicate the quality: “carat”, “cut”, “clarity” and “colour”.

Carat: the weight of diamond

Diamonds are weighed in carats, an ancient unit of measure that was based on the weight of carob seeds. The word carat comes from the Arab qirat and the Greek kerátion. One carat equals about 0.2 grams, 1/5 of a gram. The carat can be divided into parts that equal 1/100 of a carat.

The diamonds in our Perfect Match are from 0.23 to 0.27 carats, on average 0.25.

Cut: the cut of the diamond

The cut of raw diamonds, for their transformation into gems, is a very delicate operation: any mistakes could damage the diamonds irreparably.

The most common cut of diamond is the round cut, which takes the name of “brilliant”. This term refers to a round cut with a minimum of 57 facets, which adds an apex, or an inferior plane.

The Perfect Match diamond is a round cut stone, that follows the Tolkowsky proportions: in 1919, Marcel Tolkowsky invented this set of measurements that maximise the reflections on the gem.

Clarity: the purity of the diamond

The purity of a diamond consists of the presence or absence of faults, which are called impurities.

The impurities in a diamond are not imperfections, but natural characteristics which make a diamond unique and are called Flaws. The impurities are due to natural causes, such as mineral formations and can appear in the form of dark crystals or opaque areas,

To identify impurities a 10x magnifying glass is used. The diamond impurities are classified by an internationally recognised scale, which starts from FL (Flawless-pure) and reaches I3 (Included – flaws present).

The purity of a diamond, along with its’ colour is one of the factors that weighs in on the rarity, the value and consequently the placement on the Diamond Quality Pyramid.

The Perfect Match diamond is, at the VS or higher part of the scale.

Colour: the colour of the diamond

Diamonds can have different colours, based on the presence or absence of impurities or structural defects: the yellow and brown are the most common. The Diamond and Gem laboratories of America (DGLA) classifies diamonds based on an evaluation scale from ‘D’ (brilliant white) to ‘Z’ (light yellow).

The Perfect Match diamond is a grade G or higher on the scale.

Safety, quality and sustainability

The real diamond held in the top of the Perfect Match perfume, has certified origins from the DGLA or from the EGL, two independent well-known labs that emit a complete document that includes all the relative information connected to the 4Cs’ of the diamond (cut, color, purity and weight).

It is a complete certificate, that includes the information on size, shape and cut, including the laser engraving.

Each box of Perfect Match perfume has a unique identifying number that is on the single use, auto destructive label, that guarantees the utmost safety of the product.

From a production point of view, our diamonds have certified origin form the OFAC, the American Control Office of Foreign Goods, that ensure their legal origin.

Our diamonds also follow the rigorous criteria of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, created by the United Nations to ensure the ethical sourcing of diamonds, not coming from areas of conflict or exploitation: we couldn’t possibly ignore sustainability in our company project.


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