True Diamond Perfect Match Diamond Cap

True diamond
of exceptional quality.
Ideal gift,
that is forever yours.

You will buy a certified true diamond of great quality and splendor. The perfect seal to celebrate your soulmate. PERFECT MATCH is the only perfume with a real removable diamond: the perfect gift for her, the only one. A gift that leaves nothing to chance. Our perfume has a noble and elegant character, and in the cap you will find a real diamond of exceptional quality. A diamond that will embellish the beauty of the woman of your life. Perfect for a ring, a choker, or for every wish she will have. She will know immediately how to wear it. We leave nothing to chance: PERFECT MATCH diamond is accompanied from its origin by a certificate of quality, and will arrive in the hands of your woman after an articulated process of safety and quality.

Real Diamond
how to recognize it?

There are different methods to recognize a true diamond from a fake, but we at True Diamond rely on science alone. Our gemologists check the characteristics of the diamonds to guarantee their authenticity and quality.

The 4C of the diamond

Each Perfect Match diamond was analyzed and identified according to the 4c of the diamond, which certifies its quality.
The 4c of the diamonds are the four factors that determine the value of the diamond and resume the initials of the 4 basic characteristics: CARAT/weight, CUT, CLARITY/purity and COLOR.

the weight of diamond

Diamonds are weighed in carats, an ancient unit of measurement that was based on the weight of the seeds of the carob tree. The word carat comes from the Arabic qirat and from the Greek kerátion. One carat equals 0.2 grams, 1/5 of a gram. The carat can be divided points that are equivalent to 1/100 of a carat.

the cutting of the diamond

Cutting rough diamonds for transformation into gems is a very delicate operation. Possible errors could lead to irreparable damage to the rough diamond. The most common form of diamond cutting is the round one, which is called “brilliant”. A round cut is identified with a minimum of 57 facets, with an apex or a lower table.

the purity of the diamond

The purity of a diamond refers to the presence or absence of impurities, which are called inclusions. The inclusions inside a diamond are not imperfections, but natural features that make the diamond unique. Inclusions are due to natural causes, such as mineral formations, and may appear in the form of dark crystals or opaque areas. 10x magnifying glasses are used to identify impurities. The inclusions of the diamonds are classified in an internationally recognized scale, which starts from FL (flawless – pure) and reaches up to I3 (Included – inclusions present). The assessment is based on the visibility of impurities with a 10x lens. The purity of the diamond along with the color is one of the factors that most affects its rarity, its value and consequently its placement in the Pyramid of Diamonds Quality.

the color of the diamond

Diamonds can have different colors, depending on the presence of impurities or structural defects: yellow and brown are the most common. The Diamond & Gem Laboratories of America (DGLA) classifies diamonds according to an evaluation scale from ‘D’ (exceptional white) to ‘Z’ (light yellow).

Perfect Match True Diamond
safety and quality

With a thirty-year experience in the diamond industry, we, True Diamond, ensure the quality of your real diamond in several steps. The 4C of the diamond are guaranteed by the DGLA and the EGL gemmological testing report. Every real diamond is unique, as proof of its mineral origin.

These are the characteristics of the diamond that you will find in the PERFECT MATCH perfume by True Diamond:

CARAT: 0.25 (minimum 0.23, maximum 0.27)
COLOR: G or better
CLARITY: VS or better
CUT: Round

DGLA or EGL certificate of gemmological analysis: the diamond found in the Perfect Match perfume cap is a true diamond originally certified by DGLA or EGL, two independent laboratories that draw up a complete document in which all data relating to the 4C of the diamond are reported (cut, color, purity and weight). This is an extended certificate, which includes information on size, shape and cut, including laser inscription.


buy a true
and quality diamond

Each true PERFECT MATCH diamond has a unique laser-printed identification number on the girdle. The laser number, which identifies every single diamond, is accompanied by a certificate of quality that you will find in the box, which will show the same laser identity number printed on the diamond, followed by the letters TDP (True Diamond Perfume).

an ethical

Our diamonds are certified by the origin of the OFAC, the US department that guarantees the legal origin of the diamonds. PERFECT MATCH diamonds meet the strict criteria of the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme, created by the United Nations to ensure the extraction of ethical diamonds, not deriving from areas of conflict or exploitation.