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Gemmology certificate

What are diamond EGL and DGLA certificates?

The diamonds in the Perfect Match top are always accompanied by a gemmology certificate, that attests to the characteristics and the authenticity. The origin of our diamonds is certified by OFAC and Kimberly Process, two associations that respectively attest to the legal and ethical origin of the gems. The EGL or DGLA certifications serve to determine the quality of a diamond, and their value. In the Perfect Match box, once the security seals with ID number are removed, you will find a gemmology certificate produced from two independent labs.

What is the Gemmology certificate?

The gemmology certificate is a document given out from an independent gemmology lab that analyses precious stones and is recognised internationally. The bodies responsible for gemmological analysis guarantee the authenticity of the diamond, certifying its characteristics according to the 4Cs: the certificate is the diamond’s “ID card”. In the gemmology certificate all the qualitative and indicative parameters of the precious stone are listed. The diamond certificate is a fundamental document, it always has to accompany a real diamond. Thanks to this document you can always verify the qualitative characteristics and guarantee the uniqueness and originality of the stone.

What is the EGL diamond certification?

The EGL certification company, European Gemological Laboratories, founded in 1974 and to this day the biggest network of gemmological labs in the world. EGL employs more than 1100 scientists, researchers and educators, in lab in the different cities in the world. Their evaluation is completely neutral, the institutes that carry it out are independent and follow the guidelines and international standards of evaluation. The EGL certification is secure and among the most accurate in the diamond market.

What is the DGLA diamond certification?

The Diamonds & Gems Laboratories of America, or DGLA, founded in 1898 as D.Atlas & Co. in Philadelphia, started working independently on an international scale under the name DGLA, in 2002. It is the case of a solid multinational company with offices all over the world and thousands of employees. The DGLA certificate respects all the international rules and is one of the most common in the world.

What is the difference between the EGL and DGLA certificates?

For the buyer of the certified diamond there are no differences: the accuracy in the analysis and the guarantee of independence are the same. EGL and DGLA, companies that have been on the market for decades and issue millions of certificates every year, are among the most prestigious organizations in the world. There are slight differences between EGL and DGLA in the timing, price and quantity of certifications issued, which however do not affect the final price of Perfect Match in any way.


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