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What is an EGL and DGLA certification?

The diamond you’ll find in the Perfect Match cap is always accompanied by a gemmological certificate that testifies to its characteristics and authenticity. Our diamonds are originally certified by the OFAC and the Kimberly Process, two organizations that attest to the legal and ethical provenance of precious stones. EGL or DGLA certifications are used to determine the quality of a diamond, and therefore their price. In the Perfect Match box, once you have removed the two security seals, you will find a gemmological certificate produced by one of
the two most important institutions of the industry.

What is the gemmological certificate

The Gemmological Certificate is a document issued by an internationally recognized independent gemmological analysis laboratory for gemstones. The institutions of gemmological analysis, guarantee the authenticity of the diamond, certify its characteristics according to the 4c and thus represent the identity of the diamond itself. All qualitative parameters and identification of the gemstone are carried over in the gemmological certificate. The 4c of the diamond are the four factors that determine the value of the diamond and reflect the 4 crucial characteristics in English: “carat,” “cut”, “clarity” and “colour”. The diamond certificate is a crucial document, which must always accompany a real diamond. As a result, you will be able to check its quality conditions and ensure its originality and uniqueness, as well as its value.

What is the EGL certification

The European Gemmological Laboratories (EGL) gemmological certification Institute was founded in 1974 and is currently the largest network of gemmology laboratories in the world. EGL employs more than 1,100 scientists, researchers and educators and has laboratories in various cities around the world. Their expertise is absolutely neutral, and the institutions from whom they depend are independent, which means that they are out of touch with the sale/purchase dynamics and they stick to international valuation guidelines and standards. EGL certification is safe and is among the most accurate in the diamond market.

What is DGLA certification

The Diamonds – Gems Laboratories of America, or DGLA, is an independent organization that certifies the features of gemstones, especially diamonds. Founded in 1898, D. Atlas and Co. began analysing gems in Philadelphia, and has been working independently and internationally under the name of DGLA since 2002. It is a strong multinational, with institutions all over the world and thousands of employees. The DGLA certificate complies with all international standards and it is one of the most widely used by the global market.

What is the difference between EGL and DGLA certification?

For the end user, the one who buys the diamond, there are no differences. The accuracy of the analysis and the guarantee of independence are the same. We are talking about companies that have been on the market for decades, issue  millions of certificates every year and re among the most successful institutions in the world. There are slight differences in the timing, price and number of certifications that are issued. Differences that will not affect the final price of Perfect Match.

Why will you find one of two EGL or DGLA certificates?

At True Diamond, we care about your satisfaction, your safety and we want you to get the perfect product. Depending on the availability of the two organizations, EGL or DGLA, which are equivalent in terms of safety and prestige, we certify our diamonds by the one that guarantees us better timing.


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