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Why becoming our reseller?

Are you a perfume distributor? Are you a diamond retailer? Either way, this is your chance. Yes, because you will have a unique and original product in your hands. Perfect Match is the only perfume in the world with a real removable diamond in its cap.

Let’s start from the beginning: what is Perfect Match?

A luxury, elegant and refined women’s fragrance. A fragrance developed by an Italian maitre parfumeur, also unique in its kind. Luca Gritti comes from a family in Venice that has been creating perfumes since 1500.

The fragrance, sensual and refined, is enshrined in a diamond shaped bottle, to evoke the exclusivity of the product. Created by the prestigious company Bormioli, leader of Made in Italy in the glass sector, it is a real beauty.

The cap, in addition to freeing the female fragrance, contains a real and certified diamond. Exactly: we have inserted a diamond certified by the origin in the cap of a perfume. A madness? Try asking a woman, she’ll be amazed.

Our diamond, certified by the origin by OFAC and Kimberly, to attest to the legality and ethicality of the diamond, is accompanied by an EGL or DGLA certificate that attests its gemological properties. The certificate shows an identification number of the diamond, the same that you will find on its crown, laser-printed.

What about the packaging? Simple, elegant and safe. 4 seals prevent any kind of tampering. Before packaging each product, we insert the diamond manually with great care, checking that the serial number on the crown is the same as that on the certificate. We ourselves apply the seals on the package, in total safety.

Your customers can buy our Perfect Match in complete safety, in total confidence. But why would they want a perfume with a diamond?

Do not miss this opportunity, begin to distributing perfumes and distributing jewelry!

Why Perfect Match?

After years of experience in the diamond industry, we realized that the best match to satisfy a woman completely is that with perfume. A perfume that emphasizes the femininity, the strong character, independent and sensual at the same time of the woman. Giving Perfect Match is not like making any gift. Perfect Match is
given to the woman of your life, to the woman you want to conquer, surprise, amaze. A woman has received many perfumes as a gift. Diamond perhaps too. But she never received a complete gift, never a perfume with a real diamond.

What to do with the diamond? A man should not even ask himself that question. The woman who receives Perfect Match will know very well what to do with it. A ring, a pendant, a bracelet… What if she wants a pair of earrings? You have to give her two!

Perfect Match will stand out in every perfumery, as well as in jewelry stores. Who has ever seen such an exclusive and elegant product? A perfect gift for an engagement, for a marriage proposal, a seal for a true love. A perfumery that sells a perfume with a real diamond increases its prestige. A jewelry store that sells a diamond set in the cap of a perfume, will be perceived as exclusive.

Do you want to become our distributor? Contact us, we will be happy to give you all the information you need.

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