True Diamond Perfume

Our Story

The True Diamond Perfume story is that of a cultural and olfactory journey.

Our founder Vittorio Dordi has spent his life travelling for business and for pleasure. His curiosity led him to notice the common behaviour of who was desperately searching the airport duty-free for a special gift: worry, because in a world in which perfumes have become very commercial, finding a unique surprising gift is difficult if not impossible.

Why not make a perfume, which by nature is short-lived, a special and everlasting gift?

From here the idea of joining a perfume with a diamond: not just any gem, but a real… symbol of love, which is guaranteed by the serial number laser printed onto the crown and by the EGL or DGLA gemstone certificate that makes the stone a sure investment.

A gem of this value had to join forces with a unique fragrance which is why the master perfumer Luca Gritti was involved to develop it, for Perfect Match he was inspired by the secret formula of a fragrance created by a noble Venetian family in the 19th century.

Our Diamond

PERFECT MATCH is the only perfume
in the world with
a removable real diamond.

Our Perfume

The perfect fragrance for a dynamic, but at the same time feminine woman, who knows how to perfectly measure grace and determination.


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