True Diamond Perfume

Our Story

Our journey started over 20 years ago, immersed in travels around the world as diamonds experts. Discovering peculiar and often dazzling cultures and meeting most different people through various continents, we sensed the scent of our common nature in perfumes. People from all over the world treasure aromas and fragrances as guardians of their identity and collective memory.

And perfumes are always related to women. Women are the eternal inspiration of art, women are our diamonds: multi-faceted, sharp and sparkly, shine brightest at the slightest hint of light. Women, like diamonds, are precious and unique, and every single one is uniquely true.

This perfect combination of diamond and perfume represents the natural double essence of women: intense and brilliant, feminine and sharp.

PERFECT MATCH is the only perfume in the world that comes with a real removable diamond. Diamonds are the symbol of eternity, the seal of a perfect combination and an ideal gift for a woman; for her, the one and only. A diamond of exceptional quality, equipped with a serial number laser-printed on the girdle, the same number that you will find on the certificate inside the package. A unique identification document for each diamond, which guarantees its origin and quality. 

The diamond-shaped perfume has 57 facets, and this reflects the complexity and exclusivity of a fragrance of noble origins. We cannot reveal its secret formula, but we can say that the same oriental and refined notes could be felt in the halls of the most prestigious nineteenth-century noble palaces.

The exclusive recipe of PERFECT MATCH, handed down to us in a completely confidential way, belonged to one of the most powerful and important women of her time …

We have entrusted the Maitre parfumeur Luca Gritti, famous Italian nose that carries on a family tradition born in 1523 in Venice to narrate the alchemy of a story of such calibre.

The notes of PERFECT MATCH perfume enhance the blazon and the elegance of a glorious past and underline the charm and charisma typical of the noblewomen of the past. An unrepeatable past, unique as the princess who will wear this precious and mysterious fragrance. A secret to be revealed with the sense of smell, the noblest of the senses

Our Diamond

PERFECT MATCH is the only perfume
in the world with
a removable real diamond.

Our Perfume

The perfect fragrance for a dynamic, but at the same time feminine woman, who knows how to perfectly measure grace and determination.


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