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How is our Perfect Match luxury perfume made?

OFAC check on diamonds

Perfect Match is the only perfume in the world with a real removable diamond.

All about uniqueness and elegance, the concept of a perfume with a diamond is the marriage between two of the most beloved objects that celebrate a woman’s beauty.

The Perfect Match niche fragrance is a blend of nature’s most refined scents: orange, jasmine, bergamot… enshrined in a 57-faced bottle, inspired by a round cut diamond.

The diamond shaped bottle two-part cap holds an authentic removable stone of exceptional quality, safely purchased at official diamond stocks in Mumbai.

Each Perfect Match diamond contains a unique laser printed number on the girdle as well as a certificate of quality, either provided by EGL or DGLA.

The cap is also protected by two security seals with identical numbers.

The perfume is packed in a luxury box: on it, two lateral security seals show the same number that is displayed on the cap.


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