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Perfect Match is now available at Les Nouveaux Comptoirs Olfactifs – Brussels

Perfect Match and Perfect Match Without D are now available at Les Nouveaux Comptoirs Olfactifs, a very special perfume bar in the Sablon area, heart of Brussels.

Fascinated by the place, we have decided to ask to Madame Adja Sokona, its Owner and Manager, some information.


TDP: Congratulations for this amazing shop! How did your passion for perfumes started, leading you to open Les Nouveaux Comptoirs Olfactifs?

AS: For me… every story, every sharing begins with a perfumeMy mother introduced me to the art of seduction, strongly linked to the use of a substance from West Africa, with renowned aphrodisiac powers, and which gives off a fragrance charged with eroticism, a mixture whose well-kept manufacturing secret is only transmitted from mother to daughter: the woussoulan. She also took me to the House of Guerlain, at 68 rue des Champs Elysées (Paris) in order to collect her tailor-made perfume.

After a career in journalism, I decided to turn my passion for essences into a profession. Eleven years working within major companies and a training in natural parfumery enabled me to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the industry… and made me desire to have a place that would reflect my personality.

In December 2017, Les Nouveaux Comptoirs Olfactifs was born!

TDP: How would you define your personality?

AS: I would define myself as a spontaneous, enthusiastic, generous and intuitive. All these traits can be felt at Les Nouveaux Comptoris Olfactifs: come and see!

TDP: Why did you choose Perfect Match?

AS: The product is a… “perfect match” between a natural masterpiece, such as a diamond is, and a very precious fragrance. I felt in love with this concept and I am pretty sure that the same will happen to my clients!

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