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How to Choose the Right Perfume: Every Fragrance has its Meaning

scegliere il profumo da regalare

Women’s perfumes are, in some way, similar to flowers. Every fragrance has a different meaning and must be suitable for the woman who will receive it.

Amber, vanilla and patchouli communicate courage and a character of a person who is not afraid to walk down the street with their head held high.

Vanilla, sugar and caramel, sweet fragrances, symbolize a desire to return to childhood, so they are suitable for eternal child characters like “Peter Pan”, but also insecurity and a necessity to receive a boost in order to start believing in themselves.

Lemon, bergamot and orange, citrus notes, fit well to dynamics, athletic, extroverted, and hyperactive persons.

Sandalwood and other exotic woods are other words for refined seduction, elegance and sex appeal… while a choice of an eau de toilette as a gift is a synonym of absolute romanticism!

And our Perfect Match? It may be perfect for a woman full of joy, thanks to its head notes, bergamot, orange, peach… which has no fear to seduce, because of its base notes, patchouli, vanilla, sandalwood.

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