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Travels, love and wedding preparation during a quarantine

Regalo giovane coppia parigi

We would like to wish GOOD LUCK to our Italian Ambassadors Veronica and Max: not even the Coronavirus pandemic can damage their love, after a romantic proposal in Paris!

Our GOOD LUCK is not only for them, but for all the couples whose big day is approaching, at this difficult time. In Veronica’s words:

I stare at this picture and I think we were lucky. There are some guys that are currently writing me or other I helped with the proposal plan exactly in the same place Massi proposed to me, they can’t propose the day they wanted.We are lucky because when Max proposed to me there was no obstacles, no pandemic: he left home with a diamonds ring in his backpack and I left home with the unconsciousness of how my life would have changed.Just right after the proposal we did our engagement trip in Mexico: Max proposed to me also there, in front of the Caribbean Sea.As soon as we came back from Mexico, we started planning meticulously, in any case,the best day of our lives (will it be in May or few months later).We have invested so much Love, so much Time, so much Everything.I remember with Love all the villas we visited, and everytime I have imagined me walking down the aisle towards him with our song in background.There are events in life that are unpredictable, inconceivable: who would have thought that a pandemic would break out two months before our Great Day stopping all the weddings? Not even in the worst film in history.If we have facedthis, it is because together we can overcome it. Because we have a super powerful thing that unites us: Love.And we are extremely lucky to be together during this quarantine, in our home with our dogs, healthy, with food in our fridge, books to read and things to do.I still don’t know if we will exchange our wedding rings in May, but one thing is certain for me: it is as if we were already married in our hearts.

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