True Diamond Perfume

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A perfume with a diamond: the first “important” gift for a young couple!

Biljana and Janko are a 23-years old couple living in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Their love was born at school and even if they are young, we can say that they have already spent “a lifetime” together!

A romantic story asks for adequate gifts and some weeks ago, Janko decide to surprise Biljana offering her our perfume with removable diamond, Perfect Match.

Janko was looking for a very special gift and discovered that the jewellery shops Zlatara Siket, in Novi Sad, sell this product: if he lived in a UE Country, he could buy it here on the True Diamond Perfume website.

Afterhours buying the perfume, Janko brought Biljana to the favorite park and went down tochis knees asking: “Are you happy to spend your life with me?”

Biljana feeled a Hugo emotion seying the bottle, looking like a gem and of coriste, the gem!

… because you know, a diamond is forever! And so lasts moments like this: the first “important” engagement gift for a young couple.